Gina Jones is hiding from the voters. One week ago, Tony Gonzales issued a debate challenge to Gina Jones, asking for a minimum of three debates, one for each region of the District. Tony has already accepted a debate invitation from KSAT, the ABC affiliate in San Antonio. Sadly, Gina continues to refuse to debate.

Why is Gina Jones hiding in her DC Condo, spending no time in the District, and dodging debates? It’s simple: her values are D.C. liberal values, and she is bought and paid for by Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and their liberal money machine. She is far too liberal for this District and wants to hide that truth from voters until after the election.

Gina Jones is hiding from you because she does not want you to know how extreme she is on the issues. The truth is she supports ending the 40-year, bipartisan law banning taxpayer funding of abortions, endorses defunding the police, believes in open borders, and loves the job-killing Green New Deal.

Gina Jones wants to hide behind her D.C. and California donors, spending millions on campaign ads while never setting foot in the District. We are not going to let her get away with hiding her extreme views from the voters. Gina, you’ve got nowhere to hide.