You Deserve More than a Virtual Representative

Gina Jones is a broken record

After challenging Gina Jones to three debates, she finally accepted after months of excuses — and we all saw WHY she was staying silent. Jones showed her true colors. She is completely disconnected from the people of District 23. Her allegiance lies with Pelosi, NOT Texan families. 

why is she hiding?
follow the money

Why is Gina Jones spending no time in the District and dodging debates? It's simple: her values are D.C. liberal values, and she is bought and paid for by Nancy Pelosi and the liberal money machine. She is far too liberal for this District and wants to hide that truth from voters until after the election.

  • Supported by Out-of-State Donors

    The numbers don’t lie and it’s no surprise – Gina Jones has funneled OVER 80 PERCENT of her campaign’s money from out-of-state donors with NO interest in Texas, let alone our district. Gina Jones is NOT one of us. Don’t allow Pelosi and her puppets to buy this seat.

  • NOT by District 23

    Jones has made virtually no attempt to fundraise, let along connect with the REAL PEOPLE living in District 23. Out of over $800,000, she raised a mere $5K in the district she’s running for – that’s less than 1%.

her radical agenda is
wrong for texas

gina jones is not one of us

Her Values Are NOT Our Values

If gina doesn't need Texas...
texas doesn't want Gina

Have You Seen Gina Jones?